Ancient West Wales from the Air by Terrence James and Doug Simpson

CAS Monograph Ser No. 1. ISSN 0143-5639, ISBN 0 906972 00 0.

Published in 1980 this A4 booklet has air photos and descriptions of 29 archaeological sites throughout the old county of Dyfed.

Out of print.


Carmarthen - An archaeological and topographical survey by Terrence James

CAS Monograph Series No. 2, ISSN 0143-5639; ISBN 0143-5639.

The first 'modern' topographical survey of Carmarthen, the only Roman town to have a continuous history through to modern times. The survey assesses the topographical background and the multi-period development which has given the street pattern the unique layout that we have today. The survey was undertaken and published in conjunction with Dyfed Archaeological Trust in 1980.


Out of print.


Historic Carmarthenshire Homes and their Families - Francis Jones

Monograph Series No.3, ISSN 0143-5639, ISBN 0 906972 02 7. 1st edition 1987.

Based on his life-long researches, this seminal work by the late Maj Francis Jones discusses over 600 houses and families in the county of Carmarthen. Edited by Heather James, the work includes map and bibliographical references. Published in conjunction with Dyfed County Council in 1987.


Sir Gar - Studies in Carmarthenshire History

Published in memory of the two members of Council, W. H. (Bill) Morris and M. C. S. (Mike) Evans, the former a long serving editor of the Antiquary, the latter a profuse contributor - both of whom died in 1989. This series of essays edited by Heather James covers a rich and diverse subject matter reflecting the broad interests of the two men. Click here to see a list of contents.

Monograph Ser No. 4 ISSN 0143 5639, ISBN 0 906972 03 5, in conjunction with Llanelli Borough Council, 1991.

Out of Print


The Carmarthen Book of Ordinances 1569-1606

The Carmarthen Booke of Ordinances is a transcription with an analytical foreword of 'A booke of Ordinances', by County Archivist John Davies . The manuscript upon which it is based is one of two 16th century volumes at the Carmarthenshire Archives Office recording Carmarthen's bye-laws, itself part of a continuum of recorded decision-making of the Town's corporation, which survives right through to local government reorganisation in 1974.

Monograph Ser No. 5,
ISSN 0 143 5639;
ISBN 0 906972 04 3

Out of print


Carmarthenshire Memories of the Twentieth Century. Edited by Eiluned Rees

To mark the new Millennium the Society decided to undertake an ambitious project to make an archive of 20th century reminiscences of Carmarthenshire folk. The project was co-ordinated by Eiluned Rees who went on to edit this volume. It contains nearly 130 contributions from ordinary people recording a very wide variety of extraordinary activities, events, occupations and trades spanning much of the 20th century.

Monograph Ser No. 7 ISBN 0 906972 14 0, 2002