The structure of the place-name database was designed around the original sources, essentially four map series (viz: the original OS Surveyors' drawings c. 1812; 1" OS map of 1830; the Tithe maps of each parish; and the 6" OS first edition). We took the decision to use the boundaries of Civil Parishes as shown on these maps because at that time there was no accurate map of Welsh parishes and also because these 'parishes' were frozen in time and could not be changed. The initial task of collection from the main map trawl in 1997. Subsequently Peter Wihl used manuscript sources including estate maps in the Carmarthen Record Office to increase the breadth of sources consulted. Some work has also been undertaken on collecting forms from medieval sources, but it has to be admitted that the main weakness at present is the small number of forms from pre-19th century sources. The computerised data have been checked for consistency with regard to NGRs and Civic Parish areas to see that NGRs fall within their assigned parish boundaries. However with such a large database it is inevitable that a few NGRs will be wrong or that the wrong parish has been assigned. Minor problems were identified and remain with some of the sources cited. In total over 42,000 place-name records have been entered, based on a headword (Topname) count of just under 15,000 names. The information includes (where possible) an accurate map reference and altitude of the 'site' in feet, a list of the historic forms with sources and dates, and the parish name. It is possible to undertake searches according to any chosen place-name element using wild cards, and because of the consistency of having an NGR with each record , distributions of all the names from particular sources can be output. A small number of names are located outside the County. These are from the holdings of Talley and Whitland abbeys. Despite being at present a database from quite recent sources, the benefit of a wholly consistent starting point (i.e. the four map sources used) means that there is complete and uniform geographic coverage for the county of Carmarthen.

TAJ Nov 2005


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