Indexing the Carmarthenshire Antiquary from 1988 to the present

The two indexes published in 1981 and 1988 were compiled by Andrew Green, M.A. I.L.A. (now Librarian at the National Library of Wales). These indexes were produced traditionally on paper slips.

After trials using bespoke software, during which Heather James indexed the whole of the 1988 volume of the Antiquary, the Council of the Society decided to look again at commercial indexing software. This was subsequently purchased, and the Treasurer, Terry Wells is now in the process of indexing the backlog of journals.

As Heather James points out, 'this a big undertaking, and it will take a number of years to complete'.

In the mean time it is hoped to make parts of the index available on this web site. So keep revisiting this page for updates!