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The county journal, The Carmarthenshire Antiquary, formerly the Transactions, has been published annually since 1905. The Antiquary is issued free to each member and usually appears in late January. Volumes from 1905 to 1977 have been indexed and a supplementary index for 1978-1987 is appended to the rear of volume XXV (1989). Both indexes are available as separate publications (see below). A new index for the years 1988 to present is in course of preparation. The Society pursues an active programme of publishing occasional papers and monographs in furtherance of its aims to advance the knowledge of the history of Carmarthenshire and West Wales.

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The late Professor E. G. Bowen making a presentation to Andrew Green at the launch of the 1905-1977 'Index'.


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Publications Currently Available

'My Failings and Imperfections'

The Diary of Rees Thomas of Dôl-llan, 1860-1862.

Editor: Steve Dubé



'Powell Maesgwynne'

 An account of the life and times of  W.R.H. Powell, MP' Llanboidy, Carmarthenshire (1819-1889)

Author Denley Owen



Carmarthenshire and Beyond: Studies in History and Archaeology in Memory of Terry James

Edited by Heather James and Patricia Moore



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